#Girltalk is a hub for black women.  It is designed for you to meet entrepreneurs, network with the business and social community, and lastly, encourage and be encouraged by women who look just like you. Social media has allowed so many to connect in ways that we never would and yet even with its advancements, we still miss out on meeting and learning about so many phenomenal black women.  Great connections are priceless!

#Girltalk is a place of sharing.  With so many devices in place to tear the black woman down, #Girltalk is designed to build each other up and provide you with real life examples of women just like you, who have been where you may currently be, who don’t mind letting you know that you will survive because they survived.  We all need to be encouraged.  What we love at #Girltalk is that everytime you log on the app, it may be your sister, girlfriend, niece, or cousin who is sharing herself with you.  Get in on that.  Don’t just be a viewer, if there is an uplifting word inside of you, submit your video through the app and make one of your sisters day brighter.
We would love to hear from you at #Girltalk. If you have ideas on how we can make the #Girltalk experience even better, shoot us an email.  We want to hear about the connections that are made, the words that helped you through a rough patch, and anything else you would like to share with us.  You can email us at anytime at Gtvideos01@gmail.com.  Download the app today, visit our site frequently, grab a #GirlTalk t-shirt and share the experience with your sisters.  We appreciate you.